Other Services We Offer


Although we are most certainly experts in our field of furnace repairs (hence the company name), we love to branch out and become professionals in other areas of our industry. We can do quite a few other things in regards to our service, and this includes things like plumbing, electrical unit fixing, home inspections, and other generalized inspections.


We think it’s imperative for any successful company like furnace service Vancouver┬áto do other things. When you stick to only one thing and one thing only, you limit yourself exponentially when you really don’t have to. This is why in recent years we’ve started doing other things, and we now offer many fixes/inspections around the home. If you’d like to further discuss something or possibly inquire about a certain service to see if it is something we offer, be sure to call us.┬áThere are quite a few things that we are willing to do and have become good at, but we need you to first express what it is you’re interested in having us do.


Anything around the house that needs fixing in terms of electrical panels or other things that are generally viewed as technical by most people, we can do (most of the time). Remember, at Furnace Service Vancouver customer satisfaction remains the number one priority!