Furnace Servicing Policies


As we are still professionals, we need to maintain a level professionalism in our craft. We have a certain set of guidelines and policies that we need to follow, as well as a set of guidelines that need to be respected by our customers.


We promise to always do our best work in the shortest amount of time possible, but we need you, the customer to respect our time as well. We understand that you may have questions, and we’ll definitely be very happy to answer them, it’s just that we’ve had people waste a lot of our time and energy for days, without pulling the trigger. If you are that unsure of whether or not we’re the right service for you, then by all means skip us. Even though we pride ourselves on being the best furnace repair service in Vancouver, we have too many clients nowadays to wait days on just one.


We also cannot have potential customers brining us in multiple times to “take a look” without ever pulling the trigger. We get it, you want to be sure, but at the same time we want you to understand and look at things from our perspective; we get many phone calls daily from serious customers who need furnace repairing and they need it fast. We simply cannot sit around and wait for uncertain individuals to make a decision, so we would really appreciate cooperation.


Lastly, we want to make sure that you understand our goals. We have one goal that sits above all others, and that simply is customer satisfaction. If we’re able to make you happy, that in turn will make us happy. We strive to achieve this goal by doing the best job possible when it comes to fixing these furnace units and our results so far have shown to be effective.